My portfolio of work, thus far, may be experienced through five distinct lenses: (i) Communication – to both educate and inspire, (ii)Perspective – sketching for perception, (iii) Scale - understanding complexity, (iv) Exploration – a route to personal understanding and inspiration, and (v) Adaption & Infusion – a static system to a dynamic composition. Although each lens contributes to the way I consider the others, I believe the real goal of design is to respond freely to each new set of circumstances to find the optimal balance between the logical & emotional.

“The reason to work is to find out what I don’t know; I don’t want to recycle what I know” –Richard Serra


Big Sky Food Market:

The Project was Part of the Pratt GAUD CAP Studio which is the final studio in a series of four core design studios. This studio emphasizes the comprehensive nature of architectural design. One project, of moderate complexity, engages students in a design investigation for an engaging site which includes all aspects of design development, including documentation of typical construction details. The goal of the project was to design, A sustainable supermarket in the suburban Area Of Elgin IllinoisLocated outside Of Metropolitan Chicago. This supermarket was to utilizing the once traditional farmland environment to promoting vibrant local food and farming systems through community supported farmland preservation strategies, outreach, and a design to transform farm to market system.

Design Tools: Maya, Rhino 5.0, AutoCad, Grasshopper, Photoshop, Maxwell, Illustrator, VRay & 3D printing

CAP Team: Jeremy HIll, Matt Dennis, Alex Behnke


Bulthaup Soho:

bulthaup has evolved in response to our changing world. Which must be represented in the bulthaup New York 2500 SF space on the corner of Wooster & Houston. In this new showroom installation the plan was to do much more than simply presenting its latest innovations and products. The key element was to highlight the kitchen’s rightful place at the center of our lives, as a place of sensory enjoyment, of creative work, of relaxed communication. The installation must act as a space where people are not confined to merely reacting to industry predefinedstructures, but can proactively design the space themselves in their mind. Visitors must get invited to take over stage direction and realize their own ideas.

Team: bulthaup Corporate Architecture- Peer Linder project leader,  Jordi Rafols designer, Jeremy Hill designer.

Project Responsibilities: Collaborate with team on schematic & concept design

Completion: Spring 2013


bulthaup San Diego: 

The Showroom is located in the heart of the gas light district, an area known for design and architecture. A 20-ft tall storefront offers maximum visibility into the space from the sidewalk. The displays are presented in large vignette layouts that create their own microclimate, indicated by the ceiling cloud positioned above each island. A play between solid and void is hightlighted with movement as clients walk through the space. Upon entering, the visitor is faced with a detailed display mounted on a black wall, emphasizing the presentation of bulthaup’s unique precision. The East display outlines a space with pure forms that hints of architecture in and of itself. The west display is integrated into the architecture with no visual obstruction to the preceding courtyard.

Design Team: Jeremy Hill, Project Lead Designer, Peer Linder, Design Consultant, Nic Baker III, Owner/Designer

Responsibilities: Led the team in schematic & concept design, produced construction documents 

Completion: 2008

Drawings: Jeremy A Hill

Photos: Nic Baker III & Zack Benson


Bento Homes:

In a Bento Home form truly follows function. The minimalist design maximizes space, in a 300 Square foot shell. The design of the Bento Homes are fully furnished, completely turnkey smart homes with advanced features from Bosch, Sonos and Amazon Smart Home Technology. The design capitalized on green innovations, partnering with Revolusun for solar power and water heating options & collaborated with top of the line companies that offer the latest in sustainable design – Eco friendly, non toxic, recycled materials.

Design Team: Justin Kooziol CEO Bento Build, Jeremy A Hill COO Bento Build, Dan Rapoport Designer & Griffin Goldsmith Industrial Designer.

Project Responsibilities: Collaborated with team on schematic, concept design & Detail Design.

Completion: 2018


GAUD 2015 exhibition:

The GAUD Exhibittion was a design build project to display the PRATT GAUD projects of the previous year in a large hanging installation. The collection of work takes the form of a field of hanging panels that have been precisely rotated to form a spatial catalog of the work. The panels are rotated in a way to both visually reveal and obscure slices of the work as visitors move around the floating volume forming a three dimensional lenticular effect.

The rotation of each panel is held in place through a CNC cut disk, two strings, and a weight that keeps the panel aligned. The overall form of the piece is vaulted creating cavities for visitors to explore the work as well as view the models below. The hanging installation was made of over 800 panels. These were each custom laser cut, assembled, and clad with custom cut images. From underneath the gradual rotation of the panels towards the apex of each vault can be seen. This pattern helps produce a visually dynamic filter of the work that comes alive as you move around it, but also frames the work through the healthy turbulence that exists in the school and the work.

Design Tools: Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCadd & Photoshop

Design Build Team : Jeremy Hill, Elisa Yi Feng, Zachary Grzybowski, Eunmee Hong, Sasimanas Hoonsuwan, Wooseong Kweon, Maria Nikolovski, Danica Selem, Milad Showkatbakhsh. T. Craig Sinclair, Emily Walek

Completion: 2016



Bento Build’s Lattice System provides a solution for all of your design needs. The unique system attaches to any wall creating a clean grid to easily hang the Bento modules on. The system and modules are completely customizable, moveable and adaptive. Engineered to excel in form and function. The Bento Lattice is a modular, removable platform providing a clean slate for the installation of any piece of furniture or panels. The system is designed to take very heavy loads and can be installed by virtually anyone, the Bento Grid can support any modules, cabinets, murphy beds, folding tables, wall panels, casework, entertainment centers, and nearly any other piece of furniture you could think of. The horizontal Ledgers are fastened to any new or existing wall structure using appropriate anchors depending on wall construction type. Vertical steel struts are hung from and bolted to the ledgers on a 12” grid; struts have slots every 6” along their length from which modules can be hung. All modules attach to the Lattice using a bento smart cleat that can be attached to the back. 

Design Team: Justin Kooziol CEO Bento Build, Jeremy A Hill COO Bento Build, Dan Rapoport Designer & Griffin Goldsmith Industrial Designer.